Forensic Document Services

Forensic Document Examiners is a leading independent forensic document and handwriting examination firm, providing forensic document services in the Asia Pacific and Europe.

With laboratories located throughout Australia, we provide a complete range of forensic document services to legal firms, financial institutions, insurance companies, investigators, police forces, government clients, businesses and private individuals.

What makes us different from our competitors? It’s our forensic document services, technical excellence combined with scientific insight. We take the most complex of document problems and provide the clearest answers.

We draw upon a team of national and international experts. Our forensic document examiners are members of relevant professional associations including:

  • Australian Society of Forensic Document Examiners (ASFDE);
  • Australian & New Zealand Forensic Science Society (ANZFSS);
  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE); and
  • Forensic Science Society (FSS).

Our Purpose

We aim to promote justice in questioned document matters, and to maintain and advance professional standards in the field of forensic document examination. To accomplish these purposes, our experts subscribe to the following objectives:

  • To follow accepted methods of forensic document examination and of questioned document problem solving;
  • To maintain a consistently high level of work performance;
  • To conduct scientific research in forensic document examination; and
  • To improve knowledge and understanding of the work of the forensic document examiner amongst the legal fraternity and the courts.

Our Ethics

Forensic Document Examiners has for its purpose the promotion of justice through the discovery and proof of facts relating to questioned documents, and to maintain and advance professional standards in the field of forensic document examination.

Our Professional Ethics

To further the above aims each of our Forensic Document Examiners pledges to abide by the following rules of conduct (which have been adapted from the ASQDE Code of Ethics, 1992):

  1. To apply the principles of science and logic in the solution of all document problems and to follow the truth courageously wherever it may lead.
  2. To keep informed on all new developments and processes in document examination by constant study and research, with a full realisation that accuracy is possible only through competence and diligence.
  3. To treat information received from a client as strictly confidential; and when a matter has already been undertaken, to refuse to perform any services for any party whose interests are opposed to those of the original client, except by express consent of all concerned, or where required by established administrative procedure or by law.
  4. To render an opinion or conclusion strictly in accordance with the physical evidence revealed in the document examination, and only to the extent justified by the facts. To admit frankly that certain questions cannot be answered because of the nature of the problem, the lack material, or insufficient opportunity for examination.
  5. To act at all times both in and out of court in an impartial manner and to do nothing that would imply partisanship or any interest in the case, except the proof of the facts and their correct interpretation.
  6. To give the best possible services in all cases, irrespective of the importance of the matter, and to decline to act in any case in which surrounding circumstances seriously restrict adequate examination.
  7. To charge for services on a basis which considers the extent and character of professional services rendered. Remuneration shall be fair and equitable considering all the elements in the case. No engagement shall be undertaken on a contingent fee basis.
  8. To make technically correct and conservative statements in all written or oral reports, testimony, public addresses or publications, and to avoid any misleading or inaccurate claims.
  9. To maintain a constant spirit of fairness, combined with high ethical, educational, and technical standards, thereby promoting justice and creating increased confidence in the profession of forensic document examination; and by exemplary conduct and scientific thoroughness carry out the aims of Forensic Document Examiners Pty. Ltd.

Our Clients

At Forensic Document Examiners Pty. Ltd., our focus is on developing long-term client relationships.

As one of Australia’s most highly regarded full-service forensic handwriting and document examination firms, we work with some of the largest and most distinguished clients in the Asia Pacific region.

Because we apply the principles of science and logic in the solution of all document problems, we are consistently at the cutting-edge of matters of national and international importance. Our client base includes many of Australia’s top-tier law firms and top 100 companies, as well as International, Federal and State Government departments, agencies, police forces, financial institutions, insurance companies, investigators, businesses and private individuals.

Our commitment to finding solutions to problems involving questioned documents has earned us the confidence and trust of our clients.