Steve Dubedat

Stephen Dubedat

Steve Dubedat, Senior Forensic Document and Handwriting Examiner

Steve Dubedat commenced Forensic Document Examination training in 1987 with the New South Wales Police, acquiring his expertise and experience under the guidance of four accredited experts in this field. He commenced with Forensic Document Examiners Pty. Ltd. in March 2006. Stephen examines thousands of documents each year encompassing all facets of document examination, and has written hundreds of statements and reports since 1987.

Since 1991, Steve Dubedat has given evidence as an expert witness in document examination on numerous occasions in Local, District, Supreme and Coroners Courts, and in other jurisdictions. The topics on which Stephen has given such evidence include the identification of handwriting, signatures, typewriters and other machine generated documents, infrared and ultraviolet examinations on ink and paper, indentations, charred documents, alterations and overwriting, tears and perforations, relative dating of entries, various image enhancement techniques, multiplexed video tapes and digital imaging.

Steve Dubedat has also been involved in the quality control of other document examiners, training of document examiners, production of training manuals, articles and technical manuals. He has participated in many proficiency tests. He has regularly attended scientific meetings and workshops, and has presented various materials to his peers in Australia and overseas.

Steve Dubedat is the former Vice-President of the Australian Society of Forensic Document Examiners (ASFDE).